5 Best Selling Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable Dildos are Dildos with option to inflate and change the size which provide user with even greater pleasure. Some of this Dildos are huge and they are not for beginners, but Dildos with “normal” sizes are good even for beginners which like to experiment and enjoy in using of this type of Dildos. Some of Inflatable Dildos even combine other options like Suction Cup.


5 Best Selling Inflatable Dildos:

giant inflatable dildo 5 Best Selling Inflatable DildosGiant Inflatable Dildo:

Giant Inflatable Dildo is for those who want bigger size. If you love to use big sex toys, this one is one of the best for you. You can simple inflated using a bulb with release valve. It’s made from heavy duty rubber and is near the 14 inches long by 4 inches wide when inflated to its maximum size!

Details like veins and proper contour give to user of this Giant Inflatable Dildo even bigger desire to use it.

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Inflatable emperor 5 Best Selling Inflatable DildosInflatable Emperor:

This unique Suction Cup Inflatable Dildo, is rated by users in top 10 realistic Dildos. You can use it for vaginal or anal penetration.

Using of Suction Cup Inflatable Dildo have one advantage, because you can ride it with hands free. You just simple suck it on any flat and smooth surface like glass or bath tub, inflate it to desireble size and you can enjoy in riding this very realistic looking Suction Cup Inflatable Dildo.

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Meticulously Detailed Inflatable Penis Dildo 300x149 5 Best Selling Inflatable DildosMeticulously Detailed Inflatable Penis Dildo:

Just like Giant Inflatable Dildo, this one have greeat details too. Veins and proper contour gives this sex toy unique look and rise the lust to stuck it inside your body.

When you inflate it, you get only wider shaft, length remains the same. You can easy inflated with bulb with release valve.

For more info about this Meticulously Detailed Inflatable Penis Dildo, CLICK HERE!


Pink Inflatable Dildo 269x300 5 Best Selling Inflatable DildosPink Inflatable Dildo:

This is the newest inflatable rubber sex toy from Doc Johnson. This sex toy is highly recommended for training session with Inflatable Dildo for vaginal and anal use, which will leave you in desire for more!
You can simply inflated this Dildo with using a bulb with metal release valve.

Durable Latex cover and nice color give to this Inflatable Dildo even more desirable look.

Give the chance this beautiful Pink Inflatible Dildo to fill you with pleasure.

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Dual Inflatable Dildo and Butt Plug 300x200 5 Best Selling Inflatable DildosDual Inflatable Dildo and Butt Plug:

This is unique and very special Dual Inflatable Dildo and Butt Plug, which gives you opportunity to expand two areas simultaneously or you can share it with your partner.

Women can use this unique sex toy for anal and vaginal penetration simultaneously. Men can use it for anal penetration or share the experiance with partner.
Dildo and Butt Plug are inflated using the same bulb with quick release valve.

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Using Inflatable Dildo, is a special experience that satisfy you and gives you extreme pleasure. You must aware that inflatable sex toys can too much for you if you are not used to using of Inflatable Dildo.

For safer use and even more pleasure you can use it with some lubricants and so you protect you and your new friend. Of course you can also use this sex toys with condoms for even more safer use, especially if you use it for anal penetration.
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